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What is Setak?

Setak is a program born in the Sharif University of Technology which aims to help grow the creative ideas of the talented students of the University.

Setak’s Goals

Setak endeavors to help commercialize ideas through creating an innovative and creative thinking atmosphere and by nurturing creative entrepreneurial ideas in the university and also by lowering the risk of starting out.

Setak’s Activities

You can submit your idea to our website and if accepted, take advantage of the services Setak provides. You can also attend the Startup Trigger and our weekly meetings.

Setak’s Team

Setak’s team is a group of young and enthusiastic students. You can view a list of them from the link below.

What is an Accelerator?

Geographical borders, not having access to proper knowledge and financial shortages… each one of them is an obstacle hindering your path to creating your very own business. An accelerator is a place which by eliminating a good amount of these obstacles accompanies you along your ideal journey.

What is Sharif Accelerator?

Sharif accelerator is the first acceleration program founded in the institution of the university in Iran. Sharif Accelerator camp is located inside the Sharif University Technology Services Complex and is currently providing service to the Sharif startups.

Application Process

In order to apply, you may submit your idea in the idea submission section, and wait for our call to set up an interview session.


Setak tries to gather the distinguished individuals in the field of your business and provide you with the opportunity to speak to them. Follow the link below to get to know them.


Startups accepted in the Sharif Accelerator can use the workspace and other services provided by the accelerator throughout the six months of their stay. Follow the link below for viewing the startups based in the Sharif Accelerator.

ما چه کمکی می‌توانیم ارائه دهیم؟

If you have a creative idea

If you believe in your idea and you are trying to make it a reality, and if half your team consists of Sharif University students and or graduates, submit your idea in Setak and start your journey along the professionals and take advantage of the special services we provide.

What is the main problem of commercializing an idea at the moment?


lack of a team


lack of workspace


lack of finance


lack of knowledge

If you are looking to collaborate in a successful startup

Working on big and attractive ideas is a dream of most of us. Depending on your gifts and skills, we introduce you to new ideas and people so you can pick a team and start working on developing these attractive ideas.

If you are a mentor

As an experienced entrepreneur, if you are interested in providing up-and-coming startups intellectual support alongside us, you can sign up as a mentor and play a role in the progress of a generation of brand new entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a new method to invest

Being a pioneer doesn’t happen by chance. Welcoming risks plays a significant role in defining your future position. Investing in the early days of a successful business is what we suggest. We provide instructions as to how to invest in Setak’s startups.


Startup Trigger

What is Startup Trigger

Startup Trigger is a 6 days long educational, promotional and competitive event which introduces you to the entrepreneurial atmosphere. You’ll spend the first four days attending educational workshops, meeting successful entrepreneurs and taking part in fast meetings. The following two days are spent amongst your teammates – which you will have found in the course of this event – competing with other teams. Your entrepreneurial seniors will guide you in this competition. On the closing day, the ideas will be judged and the winning teams will be awarded a prize.

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