Setak FAQ

What is the relation between Setak and Sharif Accelerator?

As the name suggests, Sharif Accelerator is the acceleration program of the Sharif University of technology and helps in development of Sharif startups (you can find more information in the respective Sharif Accelerator page).

Holding events, accepting teams and other executive procedures of Sharif Accelerator is done through Setak. Setak is the administrator of the promotional and communicative programs of Sharif Accelerator.

Can I only submit novel ideas in the Setak’s Platform?

No. Your idea can simply be a different or an optimized solution to an existing need. We suggest you take time to examine the idea thoroughly and from all perspectives and also search for the existing and probably similar examples all around the world and then, after having assessed the value of your idea, try submitting it in the Setak’s platform.

How long does it take from the moment I submit the idea until the final result of the evaluations is declared?

We endeavor to respond to your need as fast as possible. Depending on the mentors’ timetables and the number of the ideas submitted, the process can last up to a month (It’ll take approximately three weeks from the submissions until you receive our call). In the meantime, you can follow up the process by calling +98 21 66166249 and or by contacting us at

What guarantees that the idea I submit will remain undisclosed?

Setak’s platform has started out from the Sharif University’s Entrepreneurship Center and is a part of the program of the vice-presidency of research of the Sharif University of Technology. Also, the founding and the executive members of this system are all members of the family of Sharif and hold themselves responsible for the secrecy of your personal information and the ideas you submit.

May I submit my idea or résumé only once?

In the idea submission section, you can submit your ideas more than once and enter the respective information.

But in the résumé submission section, you can only enter your résumé once. In the case you wanted to edit the information you’ve entered, you can email the corrections to and we’ll update your résumé.

How much does the idea submission and the application cost?

All the services provided, from the idea and or résumé submission to the services provided in the Sharif Accelerator are free of charge and are created to instruct and guide you in the right path to ideation and skill development.

Is there a periodic cycle to the idea submission process?

No. Setak’s platform is there all around the year, ready to accept your ideas and the résumé of your skills. Each Saturday, those who have submitted an idea to the system will be interviewed and after the due process, the selected few will join the accelerator.

Should I only submit IT ideas?

No. You can submit any idea you like through the platform. After the examinations, the ideas will be introduced to their respective units in the Sharif University entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Do I need to have a complete team for an idea?

No. You don’t need to have the whole team for you to submit the idea, and you can count on our help to make your team complete. But for you to be accepted in the Sharif Accelerator, your team must consist of more than one person.