Sharif Accelerator FAQ

How can I enter the acceleration program?

You can let us know of your readiness by submitting your idea and or your résumé, then we’ll contact you and we’ll go through the terms of our cooperation.

I don’t have any specific idea, but I’d like to work in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. Is there a solution for me?

Yes. We have a program for helping skilled and enthusiastic individuals who are lacking an appropriate idea to start with, helping them find their teammates among their Sharif colleagues and start working on an idea and form their own startup.

For entering this process, you can enter your information in the résumé submission form in the second section of the website.

Possessing what properties will increase my chances of getting accepted in the accelerator?

  • Having a team consisting of 2 to 4 members of the Sharif University of Technology (the accelerator won’t receive a mere person).
  • Having an initial knowledge regarding the idea (who has previously worked on an idea similar to yours?).
  • Finding answers to fundamental questions regarding the idea:
  1. The problem of the customer: What problem does your idea solve?
  2. Customer: What’s your target market?
  3. Solution: What solution do you provide for your customers in order to solve this problem?

Can I only submit novel ideas in the Setak’s Platform?

No. Your idea can simply be a different or an optimized solution to an existing need. We suggest you take time to examine the idea thoroughly and from all perspectives and also search for the existing and probably similar examples all around the world and then, after having assessed the value of your idea, try submitting it in the Setak’s platform.

Is there a periodic cycle to the idea submission process?

No. Setak’s platform is there all around the year, ready to accept your ideas and the résumé of your skills. Each Saturday, those who have submitted an idea to the system will be interviewed and after the due process, the selected few will join the accelerator.

Where is Sharif Accelerator located?

Sharif Accelerator possesses three camps, all of which are located in the Technology Services Complex of the Sharif University of Technology and the full address is as follows:

Numbers 214, 401 and 402, Technology Services Complex of the Sharif University, Oloum St., Sharif University of Technology, Azadi St., Tehran.

What are the services provided by Sharif Accelerator?

Sharif Accelerator provides the teams with five services which are listed below:

  1. Providing for the fundamental financial needs of the Startups up to $8k.
  2. Providing them with a workspace inside the Technology Services Complex of the Sharif University.
  3. Offering the needed education.
  4. Presenting the intellectual and technical support (mentorship) from a network of entrepreneurs and science-based companies of Sharif.
  5. Providing a means for communicating with investors for entering their next stage of development.

How much debt or equity does Sharif Accelerator demand in return for the services it provides?

Sharif Accelerator is the only non-profit accelerator working in Iran. It means that all the services it provides its startups are free of charge and or equity.

Are the IT-related ideas the only ones which can be accepted in the accelerator?

Yes. Sharif Accelerator only receives IT-related ideas. But you can submit even your engineering ideas in the Setak’s platform so it can be referred to the respective units of the university.

I am just one person and I have no team. May I enter the accelerator?

No. You can fill out the idea submission form and present your idea, but for you to be submitted in the acceleration program, you must be more than just one individual. You can always count on us though, should you need our help to find teammates.

What plans does Sharif Accelerator have for introducing teams to investors?

Every other Tuesday, Sharif Accelerator holds a friendly dinner meeting and various guests – investors among them – are invited. The teams can talk and present themselves to them in a friendly atmosphere.