Startup Trigger FAQ

How often is the Startup Trigger held?

This event is seasonal, and is approximately held in the middle to the end of the second month of each season. Its promotions begin roughly three weeks before the event itself. You can find the information relating to the time, location and other stuff relevant to the registration in the website.

How long does it last?

The event lasts 6 days of a single week. The first four days are from 4 PM to 8 PM, the fifth from 8 AM to 8 PM, and the closing day from 8 AM to 6 PM.

How can I sign up for this event?

Through the website and or in person from the Setak’s office located at the No. 109 of the Technology Services Complex of the Sharif University of Technology.

Are the participants only from the IT students?

No. In fact, students of each and every major are eligible to enter and take advantage of this event. However, each time a different section is added to the event which suits specific majors the best (for example, there was a section in the third course of the event that was dedicated to the medical instruments).

Do I have to be at the location at all days of the event?

Yes. In the case of an emergency though, you can skip after consulting the coordinators of the event.

In the case of a special condition, may a friend take our place in the event?

In such a special case, you should consult the coordinators.

In there a way to sign up if the capacity is reached?

No, but you’ll be in the reserve list for the next event. This does not however, amount to your definite registration. But it does mean that you will be our priority for the following event, yet you still have to contact the coordinators for the definite registration.

What is the Fast Meeting?

This program is aimed to acquaint you with the other participants and their ideas as much as possible in the given timeframe, and in the process, help build your team. In four days of this event, you have intervals of a minute and a half in which you can present yourself and your ideas to every other one of the people who are participating in the event, and also, spend the intervals of the same length, getting to know them.

Is submitting résumé and idea a mandatory part of the signing up?

Submitting your résumé is a part of the registration process and is mandatory.

Do I have to fill each and every field of the résumé submission form?


Do we have to sign up as a team in order to participate in the event?

No. You sign up as an individual, and in fact the event is planned so you can get to know other participants through fast meetings and such. You build your team from the people taking part in the event.